Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bad Apples

This is a post about frustration. 

Which is something everyone experiences from time-to-time.  Child 1 recently started expressing her frustration with me and life by taking huge bites of the apples I bought to fill my indoor planter.  I bought this planter a couple of years ago because I thought it was pretty.  Since that time I've struggled in my search for something good to put in it.  The obvious solution would be to put a plant in it, but (as previously illustrated) all my houseplants end up looking sad and wilted.  Then I hit on apples.  It was the perfect solution-inexpensive, attractive and long-lasting.

Okay, so now back to the frustration part of the post.  Child 1 thinks the perfect way to vent her frustration is to take a bite of an apple that has been sitting in my planter since September.  They are soft, slightly-withered and disgusting to eat (although still pretty enough for planter filler).  Each time she takes a bite of one of those apples I struggle not to laugh.  I don't want to make her more frustrated but I'm not entirely sure why biting those apples is supposed to make up for whatever injustice she feels she's suffered. 

Real or metaphorical-don't eat these!
 Then I started thinking about it as a metaphor.  How many times do we take out our frustrations with life by biting into a bad apple?  I know I've spent sleepless nights being mad about something I'm powerless to change.  I've also snapped at people I love, given myself headaches and made myself generally miserable all in the name of frustration or anger.  I end up punishing myself for the very thing that I'm furious or frustrated about.  If that's not a slice of poisonous apple than I don't know what is.  Next time she bites into these apples I'm going to use it as a reminder that life is hard enough.  There's no need to take bites of bad apples. 


Unknown said...

Oh goodness...I think I've felt that exact feeling within the last 5 minutes!!!
Better the apple than a sibling!!!

Johanna said...

Yes, no biting siblings!!

Alison DeLuca said...

The planter is lovely and the apples look gorgeous in there - until you see the overhead view with the bites! Too funny!

Great blogpost - I just realized I take bites out of bad apples all the time.

bookworm said...

Great post, and I do agree.
'life is hard enough. There's no need to take bites of bad apples'<-this could be a bumper sticker :P

Johanna said...

@ Alison, I know! I think I should probably throw them out! I think we all take bites of bad apples more than we would like.

@ Naida, absolutely!

Jo Schaffer said...

Great analogy. (= The poisoned apple of discontent leads to heart burn. (=

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, fabulous literal portrayal of a metaphorical experience! And VERY wise advice. My daughter shoots herself in the foot all the time. She can't seem to help herself. If she could step back, calm down and try a different approach, life would be SO MUCH easier. Then again, that is probably normal for 16.