Monday, May 23, 2011

The Book of Lost Things

This weekend I had an unexpected treat-the time to sit down and finish a whole book in under 24 hours.  I know there are lots of people who can tear through three times that many books in the same amount of time, and once upon a time I could do that too.  But now life has other ideas and these kinds of opportunities are few and far between.

The book I read in record-breaking time is the title of this post and there is a reason I read it so quickly.  I loved it!  It's been awhile since I've read a book that I loved this much.  It was the perfect combination of favorite childhood stories retold with a grisly spin, lost children, fantasy (without any new langauges, worlds or names with dubious pronounciations) and a satisfying heart-warming story without plot holes or pieces that didn't make sense.  When I turned to the last page and read John Connolly's perfect ending I was almost annoyed that I hadn't exercised more self-restraint and made the book last longer.

I won't rehash the plot here but if you buy it and read it or have already read it, let me know!  I'm dying to talk about it with someone.  As a writer it's good to write but sometimes it's even better to read!   


baygirl32 said...

haven't read it, YET. It's sitting at #16 on my summer reads list though

Johanna Garth said...

Can't wait to hear your opinion after you read it!

Jennifer A said...

I think I've seen this book around before, but I've never read it. I'll have to check it out next time I'm at the bookstore. Oh! Maybe I'll see if the Hillsboro library has it.

I totally hear you on not having the time to just sit and read a book in a day! I can only do that when either a) the book is an easy, short read or b)when I neglect everything because I just have to finish a book.

Thanks for the review! It sounds like a great book.

Jennifer of Little Shelf

The Bookworm said...

I have this one sitting on my shelf and have been meaning to get to it. Glad to hear it was so good.