Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calling all Shaman

This must be my week to, ever-so-gently, make fun of the texts my friends send me.  Earlier this week I received the following text:

"Do you know any good shaman?"

Now, while I know a good pediatrician, dentist, pizza place, homeopath, hairstylist and yoga teacher, I don't know any good shamans.  In fact, I realized as I stared at my phone and wondered (a) why my friend needed a shaman and (b) whether a good shaman was something a reasonably intelligent person *should* know about; that I wasn't precisely sure what a shaman is or does. 

According to shamans are spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with energies and 'see' visions.  The essential characteristics of shaman are mastery of energy and fire as a medium of transformation.  The website had a lot more to say about shaman, you can check it out if you are so inclined, but the thing that really caught my attention was the reference to the weather.

Shaman have been credited with the ability to control the weather.  This might seem like a small thing to you but here in Oregon we have been living under semi-cloudy skies since October.  Six months is a long time to go with only occasional sunbreaks.  As I stared out the window at the grey skies that plague us here and thought about my friends in the midwest and south who are literally going underground to escape the tornadoes I realized my friend was right.  We all need a good shaman.  If you have any references you can leave them here.


Michael Di Gesu said...

I know exactly how you feel, Joanna. Today in Chicago we are in the low 50's, gray, of course, and winds that are around 30 mph. Coming home from my workout a older woman was blown into a building and her bag flew out of hand.

Before I got there she asked two men for help and they walked right by her. UNBELIEVABLE.

I picked up her bags and steadied her. She went into the Starbucks to hide out until the died down. Which hasn't from what I can see outside my windows. The tree branches are bending all over the place.

We had 80 degrees and bright sunshine two days ago until three o'clock the clouds rolled in and the temps dropped. IT'S ALMOST JUNE!

Johann said...

What a nice thing to do! I can't believe two people just walked by without helping.

Jo Schaffer said...

Hmmm... we have been having a ton of rain here in the Rockies too.
I lived in Grants Pass, Oregon for a year-- still own the property there... very green and lovely.

I don't know any shaman-- but I do know energy workers. (= Not sure they work in weather.

Just finished your BOOOOK!!!! (= I'm super enthused over it. I will do a review on my blog soon. You rock.

Hart Johnson said...

*gigglesnort* You know, it hasn't stopped dumping rain here in... maybe 40 days and 40 nights... we could use a shaman, too...

btw, I tagged you in todays post... just a silly meme, no shamans listed, though Stacy will choreograph a routine so someone can skate like a shaman if you want...

Johanna said...

Jo, THANK YOU! I feel like we need to just go have coffee somewhere so we can catch up on everything I want to talk to you about!!

Hart, because I live in Portland and wrote a column about Shaman I was actually able to flesh out people with a Shaman recommendation ;) I can't tell you how much I want to see a choreographed "skate like a shaman" routine. I think I want it even more than I want tickets to the finals of So You Think You Can Dance which is my all time favorite guilty pleasure!

Lauren Lionheart said...

I came upon this page Googling for something else shaman related, though it behoves me to mention an amazing shaman that I know! Her name is Katie Weatherup ( She doesn't work with weather changing, though she does facilitate miraculous things for her clients (including me and the mister).

And how's this for synchronicity... I'm always on the lookout for modern retellings of the Persephone/Hades myth! Just added "Losing Beauty" to my Amazon wishlist. Glad to have found you & your work, Johanna.

<3 L