Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Resurrection

Last night I had a moment that felt like it was right out of a book, my own book actually.  Here's what happened. 

Last summer I bought a pomegranate bush.  I didn't buy it because of the ties between the myth of Persephone and pomegranates and the fact that I happen to be writing a story loosely based on that myth.  Nope, I just picked it up because it had beautiful foliage and a couple of tiny pomegranates growing on its branches.  I also had an empty blue pot and I knew the pomegranate would look really good in that pot.

I don't think it's going to make it.
I feel compelled to add that empty pots are not all that unusual at my house.  Here are the contents of one of my soon to be emptied pots.  Potted plants HATE me but I ignore all their signals and keep buying them anyway.

Anyway, the kids and I watched the tiny pomegranates grow.  This plant was an exception to my general relationship with potted plants.  It was thriving.  It was gorgeous.  The tiny pomegranates were becoming enormous and we couldn't wait to try our back yard harvest.  Then along came an early frost.  The pomegranate lost all its leaves, the fruit shriveled up and fell off and I was pretty sure the plant was dead.  I left it in its pot and it's been sitting there all spring making me sad every time I look at it.

Then something happened!  Last night I was out in my back yard and this is what I saw.  Can you see it?  Tiny little leaves!  The pomegranate lives!! 

I feel like the unexpected rebirth of my pomegranate is some type of lifesize foreshadowing.  What is the pomegranate telling me?  Potted plants no longer hate me.  Not to give up hope.  I have to say the writer in me loves the way the pomegranate and its message of hope tie back to my struggles as a writer and specifically to the problems that Persey Campbell (the heroine of Losing Beauty and Losing Hope) encounters.

But is that too obvious?  Maybe.  It's entirely possible we never know what our own examples of foreshadowing are trying to tell us.  What do you think?


Hart Johnson said...

That is SO how I would look at it... find a fabulous symbolism for it. It's funny... I don't look for it very often, but when things like that happen, I totally see it that way. I hope it thrives (and your story as well)

Johanna Garth said...

Thanks Hart! I'm not big into symbolism either but sometimes I have to stop and wonder if maybe the universe isn't trying to tell me something.

Jennifer A said...

Yay! That's awesome that it came back! I'm not very good at plants either. I find that if i mostly ignore them, they do better. :/ Maybe I usually over water or something?

Johanna said...

Jennifer, I'm a total overwaterer!

bookworm said...

Thats great that the pomegranate is coming back! I find signs everywhere. I think thats a good omen.