Friday, May 13, 2011

Shell Friends

They never play these kind of games.
Let me preface this post by saying I LOVE that my children can happily occupy each other for hours.  I KNOW how lucky it is that they deeply enjoy each other's company and think nothing of spending all day playing together.  It's all bliss until I slip down the stairs on a blanket left behind from an aptly named game of sliders.  And that's where this post about the wacky games of Child 1 and 2 begins:

Two years ago they played nothing but Maddie and Jack.  Maddie and Jack were, of course, just Child 1 and 2 by different names in familiar but odd situations.  There was, "Maddie and Jack move into the garage," and "Maddie and Jack drink grass-flavored lemonade," followed by "Maddie and Jack like to spy on cats."  I know all of these names because they would announce them at the top of their lungs as in, "We'll be in the backyard playing Maddie and Jack like to spy on cats."  

I've already blogged about the Rainflorist which was shortly followed by Child 2's Stick, Rock, Leaf and Drop Shop so I don't think I need to elaborate much on that particular game-which is still going strong in case you were wondering.

The game I need to talk about today is a new one called, "Shell Friends." 
Shell Friends involves taking out every single sea shell Child 1 and 2 have ever lugged home from family vacations and distributing them around the house.  At this point all I know about the game can be summed up as follows: (1) I stepped on Grandpa Shell (who was wearing a blankie) and it hurt like hell, (2) Shell friends need to be polished with special water.  When said water is tossed in the toilet it is an occasion for tears, and (3) Last night I discovered eeny, meeny, miny and moe shells in my bed.  Guess what.  They still had sand in them.

Meet Grandpa Shell
The only thing that stops me from hiding the Shell Friends and telling the kids their shells went on vacation without them is the knowledge that, where games are concerned, Child 1 and 2 have an unlimited arsenal.

Creativity, schmeativity-I'm ready for them to watch a little television.


Jo Schaffer said...

(= Haha! SO cute.

Yeah, the creativity over here can be a huge mess and bother sometimes. And I'm an anti-mess and clutter type mom. But I grit my teeth and bare it.

Yay for Blues Clues!

Marla said...

Hi, Johanna. I saw your comment on my review for Mockingjay. I would definitely still read Catching Fire, as it is every bit as good as The Hunger Games. Also, Mockingjay was very well-written up until the ending, so make of that what you will. Just a suggestion. :)

Johanna Garth said...

Jo-me too! totally anti-mess and clutter.

Marla-good to know. I already have it so will probably end up reading it.

The Bookworm said...

thats nce that they play together! lol Shell Friends sounds like fun, minus the sand inside the shells. My kids are at the age where they argue like cats and dogs. The four year age difference doesnt help either.