Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vadge Magic

This is (word-for-word) the text that popped up on my phone last week.

"Got the Vadge Magic,"  followed immediately by another text that said, "OMG!  Badge Magic!  Although my vaj is magic too ;)" 

Lots of Badge Magic went into this vest.
 Here's the backstory.  I am the mother of a Girl Scout.  However, just because my daughter is a Girl Scout doesn't mean I have any innate Girl Scouting abilities (like the ability to sew triangular shaped patches onto a vest).  The Girl Scout organization, in its ultimate wisdom, recognizes this may be a common problem and came up with something called "Badge Magic."  Badge Magic is a super sticky substance precut in the shapes of Girl Scout badges.  You stick the badge on to the Badge Magic, pull it off, stick it on to the vest and you're done.  Voila, Badge Magic!

The girls in my daughter's troop attended their annual overnight camp this past weekend which, of course, meant I needed to get all those badges I'd been ignoring onto my daughter's Brownie vest.  I was out of Badge Magic but fortunately my friend Rach came to my rescue with her own personal stash.  After we stopped laughing about her text message we started talking about other types of Vadge Magic-sorry guy readers of my blog.  You might want to opt out today.

These two definitely qualify as VM!
  First, there was the bikini wax.  This seems like an obvious choice of Vadge Magic-at least that would get most of our husband's votes.  There was also the discussion of thong underwear but the vote is still out on that one.  But then I started wondering if the term Vadge Magic shouldn't be more broadly applied.  Does the act of getting seven badges onto a Brownie vest while publicizing a book, writing a new one, organizing an end of the year classroom gift and making dinner fall into it's own category of Vadge Magic.  I think it does!  In fact, if we expand the definition I think most of us have quite a bit of Vadge Magic.  Take a minute and tell me about yours.


Jo Schaffer said...

Haha! Oh, girl! This made me laugh. Oh, I have the V-Magic too. Juggling three books, and three sons is only the beginning. I think just being married 16 years to the same guy earns me a Vadge Badge. (;

Johanna Garth said...

Jo, Three boys definitely earns you the VB! Congrats on being married for sixteen years...that's wonderful. :)

bookworm said...

awwww....they are too cute. My son used to be a boy scout.
lol about Vadge Magic :P

Anonymous said...

Hello Johanna,
I came across your blog today showing the use of badge Magic on your daughters vest. That's Fantastic! We love to hear about people using our products. I could not find an email to contact you so I thought I would post to your blog =) We would love to add the pic of your kids and the GS vest you have been working on to our Facebook page. If that is okay with you? Check us out please Johanna http://www.facebook.com/badgemagic

Erica Lucke Dean said...

I suppose I should ask my husband if he thinks I have vadge magic. I mean, I'm not one for the bikini wax, because let's face it, been there done that, actually got the T-shirt. I stay away from bikini wax. But juggling things is my forte. Not in my va...you know what I mean. I really loved this post, and I think they should give out prizes for the best texting typos. Honestly.

Unknown said...

Johanna, I love you more and more all the time! This post was fabulous. I'm borrowing this term - and you should enter it into the Urban Dictionary.

happy zombie said...

I'm here via Violet... I don't even know you and I love you! And ditto Vi, you need to put that in the urban dictionary.

Now I'm going to be typing all my texts and working in the word badge in hopes autocorrect will work it's magic ways.