Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Last Day of School

It's here!  It's today!!  What with end of year sports parties and school happenings, it's sort of felt like the last day of school for a week.

I attended the Kindergarten graduation and picnic yesterday with Child #2.  The children were given their memory books.  I tried not to cry and was thankful for my sunglasses.  On our way home from school Child #2 had a secret he needed to tell me. 

"I hope I get Josie in my class again next year," he whispered.  Child #2 has had a yearlong, widely publicized crush on the lightly freckled and completely adorable Josie. 
"Me too," I said but all I could think is First Grade!  He's going to be a First Grader next year!  Again, I was thankful for my sunglasses.

Today I'll be going to the Third Grade "Coffee House".  I've quoted the words Coffee House because poetry, as opposed to coffee, will be served.  My invitation, prepared for me by Child #1, specified that I wear "Black Dress."  I'm pretty sure the teacher's vision is for the kids to come in beat 50's black.  I'm equally certain that Child #1 has her eye on a specific black dress in my closet so I may be a bit overdressed.

After today, the summer awaits us.  It might mean summer hours for me (I'm considering a MWF blog schedule).  It will definitely mean more popsicles and swimming for Child #1 and #2.  It will also be ten weeks to reconnect and forge memories of childhoods that are slipping by more quickly than I could have ever believed possible.  What's your favorite summer memory from childhood?  Quick tell me something before I get all teary again....and who knows, you might even inspire some of ours! 


Hart Johnson said...

Awwww... Congrat to your kids for their moving on! Mine are done on Friday (though Thing 1 is actually Thursday as the high schools only do make up finals Friday). No transitions for us this year, they are finishing 10th and 7th grade respectively. I do expect my 12 year old son to pass me in height though, before he starts 8th grade. I am 5'11". (I know--scary) he will be in his late 40s before he passes me in weight, at the rate I'm going *dies*

Summer memories, eh? My grandparents lake cabin, chock full o' relatives. Man, I miss that. I wish we had means for something like that.

Johanna Garth said...

Hart, we have friends in Minnesota who have a lake cabin. That version of summer sounds absolutely idyllic.