Friday, June 24, 2011

Losing Sanity

I thought it was just a cute name for a blog that went well with my books but no, now I'm really losing my sanity.  Ask Child 1 and 2, they'll be happy to confirm it for you. 

Good for craziness, bad for swimsuit season.

What's causing my current case of the crazies?  I've embarked on the book trailer making process.  To be honest, it's kind of fun when it's not causing me to bang my head against the desk and gobble copious amounts of yogurt covered pretzels in order to alleviate my complete and total frustration. 

My book trailer preoccupation is why Chapter Three of MoonStars is not posted today.  I feel compelled to point out that the delay is not due to any failing on the part of the writer.  If there is any blame to be had it all lies with the editor.  In any event, the unedited version is sitting here on my desk and, as any writer can tell you, first drafts are kind of like seeing someone standing naked on their bathroom scale.  You don't want to see it and we don't want to show it to you.

Naida's pretty blog!
 Friday is starting with a bang for me because Losing Beauty has a wonderful review at the Bookworm.  Naida, who writes the blog, confided in me that she now has a crush on one of the main characters.  I don't want to spill all the goods so, if you're interested, you'll have to stop by and see which one.

That's it for this week.  Have a lovely summer weekend.

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The Bookworm said...

Good luck with the book trailer Johanna! Yogurt covered pretzels can be addictive.
Thanks for the mention :)