Friday, June 10, 2011

Slippy Beaver

Beavers played a large role in Child #2's last year of preschool.  The kids built a beaver's den in the class with real sticks.  They learned about beaver teeth and tails and, most importantly for purposes of this blog post, they had a stuffed toy beaver they took turns taking home at the end of each school day.  This adorable class of four and five year olds put their heads together and decided the perfect name for their class beaver was Slippy.

I'm ashamed to say that the double entendre completely escaped me until I casually mentioned to a friend over coffee that Child #2 had finally had his turn with Slippy Beaver.

She choked.  Literally, she choked on her coffee.  When she finished choking she said, "Honestly, there could not be a worse name for a stuffed beaver."

What made perfect sense to the preschool set, "Mom, it's because of the way they slip and slide all over everything," sounded absolutely pornographic to the grown ups.  But Slippy Beaver was the name they chose and Slippy Beaver it was....all year long.  To make matters worse Child #2 didn't call him Slippy or Beaver.  Nope, more often than not it was Slippy Beaver, whole name, no stops.  A shout out right here to the guy at Trader Joe's who, during my frantic hunt for a lost Slippy Beaver told me, "we used to carry Slippy Beavers in the frozen section but we're out of stock at the moment."

The year ended and Slippy Beaver was retired to the preschool wall where he hung on a peg next to all the other, more appropriately named Beavers from previous years (like Chip-Chip and Buzzy).  Life went on and, believe it or not I completely forgot about the existence of Slippy Beaver until this.

I pulled this lovingly labeled drawing out of Child #2's folder yesterday and said, "Oh, was this beaver sleepy?" 

Child #2 looked at me like I had lost my mind.  "No mom," he said.  "That's Slippy Beaver.  Don't you recognize him?"

At that moment I realized the words Slippy and Beaver had been irrevocably linked in my youngest child's mind.  I took a deep breath.  Nothing good can come from that, right?

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lol about Slippy Beaver!