Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two and a Half Hours

Here I am.  It's 9:30 and about sixty-five degrees. Child 1 has already done five laps in the pool.  Thus begins my summer marathon.  My kids are swimmers which means things like swim team, specially fitted goggles, tantrums over swim caps pulling hair, warming up in the hot tub after practice, eating copious amounts of food and long afternoons in the sun.  That's what it means for them anyway.

Here's what it means for me.  Sitting by the pool and watching them swim for two and a half hours every morning.  Two and a half hours!  It's a long time.  I could be doing a lot of other things.  Two and a half hours is usually how long it takes me to reach my daily goal of 2000 words on the WIP.  It's also enough time to go for a run, get a shower, go the grocery store and make dinner.  In two and half hours I could research more of the fabulous book blogs that populate the internet, draft emails begging them to review Losing Beauty, write several blog posts and do some tweeting.

Here's some more of what it means to them.  Catching up with friends they only see in the summer, teasing their swim coaches, ice cream treats, reading books while they wait for their sibling to finish swimming, drinks from the water cooler with the little cups that look like they should hold snow cones, relay races across the pool, camaraderie, exercise, self esteem.

It's time well-spent.  Drop by and let me know how you are spending your summer.


Jennifer A said...

Wow! 2.5 hours is a long time! It's definitely time well spent, though. Your kids must love it!

Do you take some form of entertainment with you? A book? Laptop? something??

I need to get my daughter on swim lessons. She's 3. I should really look into it...

The Bookworm said... sounds like they are having lots of fun.
2 and a half hours must fly by for them! lol
I'll be going on my vacation soon and cannot wait to be laying on the beach sipping a drink and relaxing.

Johanna Garth said...

Jennifer, I always take my laptop or a book but it's hard to concentrate because the kids aren't swimming at the same time, so one usually wants my attention.

Naida, that sounds fabulous! Enjoy!!