Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Writing Life

If you had asked me ten years ago what I thought it meant to be a writer I wouldn't have had a clue.  At that time I was going to work every day (including most weekends) and putting in long hours at my law firm.  My vision of the world was pretty simple.  You went to your office, you worked as hard as you could and you moved up through the ranks.  I still believe that's a basic formula for success, except now I don't think it's the ONLY formula for success.

Don't hate me because I heart Starbucks
But back to my initial question.  What would I have thought it meant to be a writer and why am I asking that question today?  I think the thought occurred/ocurred/occured    (why can't I spell that word and why doesn't blogger have autocorrect) to me because last weekend was beautiful and sunny.  Child #2 had a drop-off birthday party to attend.  I dropped him off and went to the local Starbucks, scored a table outside and began to write.  Do you know how many sunny Sundays I've spent sitting outside by myself, writing while drinking a ridiculously complicated and overpriced drink?  None!  Nada! Never!

My bridge to heaven would include a caffeinated beverage and my laptop.
 And what did I think of my two hour Sundy interlude?  It was HEAVEN!  It was PERFECT!  Umm, and it was exactly what I would have imagined the life of a writer to be like if you'd asked me ten years ago.  The intervening years have taught me a few things.  There is more than one direct path to success.  And more importantly, writers (at least this one) spend more time in their basement with their ears hunched up around their shoulders editing a mess of pages than they do basking in the sun at Starbucks.  Be that as it may, Child #2 has at least three birthday parties to attend in the next few weeks.  If the weather cooperates, I might have three more slices of heaven in store.


Christine Murray said...

That is the dream, isn't it? Writing in a coffee shop, completing your manuscript in one flawless draft, and handing it to a top publishing house for a ludicrous amount of money...How great would that be?!

Johanna said...

Christine, I know....doesn't hurt to dream :)

Unknown said...

So I really hope you were writing the new book because I just finished Losing Beauty and loved it!!! But I need the next!!
It's killing me not knowing what comes next (and its taking all my will-power to not pull out my old greek mythology books and do a little research)!
Hoping for great weather so you'll be back out there writing with your coffee!

Johanna said...

Lizy, thank you so much! I can't tell you how happy I am that you liked it!! If you have time it would be so wonderful if you could leave me a quick review on Amazon. I know it's a pain but it's so immensely helpful!

p.s. Cracked page 202 on the first draft of Losing Hope today :)