Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If The Shoe Fits...

Child #2 has a lot going for him.  He's adorable and charming.  He's the kind of kid who effortlessly gives out compliments about your toenail polish color or the way the shirt you're wearing makes your eyes look "big and beautiful."

He is blessed with the ability to make friends wherever he goes.  Sometimes my husband and I feel like we have a pint-sized celebrity in the house because wherever we go someone knows him.  He has all that going for him and yet every four months, like clockwork, he almost manages to put me into the insane asylum.  Every four months Child #2 needs a new pair of shoes and the agony that goes along with acquiring and wearing those shoes regularly pushes my patience to the brink.

This summer I was successfully ignoring the fact that his Crocs were shrink wrapped to his feet until my husband rationally pointed out that Child #2 might need some decent hiking shoes for our trip to Yellowstone.  Yesterday, I took several deep breaths (instead of the Xanax or glass of wine that would have really done the trick) and we went to the shoe store.

I don't even bother with the cheap shoe store anymore.  I know he will claim every shoe in that place alternately pinches or is too loose.  Instead we headed straight for the expensive place.  The lady, a new employee, measured his feet and informed me that his current shoes were, "two sizes too small".  I didn't even bother to look surprised.  Instead I just started lining shoes up for him to try on.  He tried on eight pairs of identical Keen sandals in different colors.  At the moment that I was getting hopeful he announced, "They're all pretty good but not very comfortable."  

After that we tried on four different pairs of some other ridiculously overpriced kiddie shoe brand, followed by six other pairs.  The new employee was beginning to look frazzled.  "He certainly knows what he wants," she said.  I just smiled.  

 After five more pairs he went back to the Keens and retried on all the sandals plus the hiking boots in every color.  He tested each pair of shoes by a complicated series of running and jumping from one end of the store to the other.  After an hour and a half he settled on a pair of hiking boots.  Forget the fact that it's summer and the hiking boots are insulated.  By this time nobody cared.  The shoe lady and I exchanged looks of relief as I handed her my credit card.  
He wore the shoes all day.  I was exuberant! 

And then this morning he announced they were too loose.  Right now I can hear him upstairs talking to his sister about how he really prefers it when his shoes hug his feet.  The kid is lucky he gives a good compliment.  Right now, that's the only thing standing between him and a stark raving mad lunatic of a mother. 


Creepy Query Girl said...

ugh I feel you. Taking my three girls shoe shopping is an excercise in patience.

Johanna Garth said...

Picky feet x 3! That would use up every bit of my patience!!