Thursday, July 7, 2011

Losing Beauty Giveaway

I'm still riding the Theta Mom high of yesterday.  You know how sometimes the stars align and everything seems to work and your world is full of bubbly, bubbliness?  That seems to be the moment I'm in right now.  Even as I wrote those words I experienced a little twinge of anxiety about the moment when my bubble bursts because if you've ever read "Oh The Places You'll Go," you know that eventually all bubbles must pop.

But today I'm setting aside my worry lines and forging ahead because I have even more exciting news.  If by any chance you happened to visit Theta Mom yesterday, read the article I wrote and were suddenly overcome with a burning desire to read Losing Beauty but don't have the funds to buy it... I have the perfect solution! 

There is a book giveaway today at Todays Creative Blog.  Kim Demmon is the writer of this blog, which is akin to a creative crafter's bible.  Kim also has the distinction of being my one and only bloggy friend that I've ever spoken to *gasp* in person.  I'm happy to confirm she is every bit as lovely face-to-face as she is on her blog.  Stop by, enter for a chance to win Losing Beauty and XXXX!!  In case my made-up emoticon wasn't clear, that's me crossing my fingers for you to win!


Unknown said...

Johanna - You won the book from yesterdays interview!!! If you could email me I'll forward you the information needed to get it!

moonsword said...

Hi Johanna--I just found you through Kim's blog. Your book sounds fabulous! Best of luck to you!

Johanna Garth said...

Hi Moonsword. So glad you stopped by. Thanks so much for the well wishes.