Friday, July 22, 2011

MoonStars: Chapter Four

If you're a new follower to my blog **welcome new followers** you will have no idea what MoonStars is, so here's a quick summary.  My nine year old daughter asked if she could write a serialized summer story.  Originally she was going to write one segment a week but....summer is summer and we seem to be on a once every two or three week schedule. 

Yesterday, she spent whole tens of minutes scribbling away in her bedroom until her brother started shoving lego people under her bedroom door in a frantic bid for her attention.  His bid worked, but not before she put out a copious three and a half hand-written pages.  If you are the kind of person who likes to read things from start to finish here is the link to the previous installments. 

If you don't want to click through the links here's a quick summary.  Our heroine, Isleia, was recently transported to a magical planet called MoonStars.  She has just moved to her new house with her roommate Halle.  Together they will be studying magic.  The house has fifteen floors and Isleia has been warned to stay away from the "Fifteenth Floor" because it is "known to be haunted."

MoonStars: Chapter Four

Isleia was filled with curiosity.  She got out of her room and went to the elevator.  The elevator took her upstairs to the Fifteenth Floor.  When she got to the Fifteenth Floor, Isleia found herself in a dark cave.  Before she managed to take very many steps she met a monsterous creature.  Isleia realized that it wasn't really a creature.  No, instead of a creature, it was a spirit! 

Isleia ran and ran and ran.  There was a strange looking bat in front of her in the hallway.  It blocked her path and said, "Not one more step or I'll steal your blood."  Isleia ran backwards, back towards the elevator.  She pushed the first button her finger touched and the elevator took her to the second floor.  The doors opened and on the second floor stood Halle.

"I told you not to go on that Fifteenth Floor," said Halle.  "Since you managed not to get yourself killed, I suppose now you have time to get to your house."

"I thought I was going to stay with you," said Isleia.

"Change of plans.  Anyway, you might be better off in your own house."

"Where is it," asked Isleia?

"Third twenty-second MoonStars, 896 12 3 88."

So Isleia found her home and realized it came with a pet.  It was a rainbow bunny named Bone.  The bunny could say a lot of things.  She seemed very strange because she was hopping around on the ceiling. 

Isleia didn't feel like talking to Bone.  Instead she wanted to take a tour of the house.  It was ginormous.  She wandered around until she discovered her room.  It was huge with two triple bunk beds and a huge purple canopy that hung from the middle of the ceiling and came down all around her room.  There was a mini-radio sitting on a bookshelf. 

She turned the radio on and a voice came out of the speaker.  "Don't go on the last floor.  It's haunted.  HAHAHAHA," said a voice.

"There is no such thing as a last floor so HAHAHAHA to you," said Isleia

All of a sudden Bone came into the room and said, "I have a very important message for you."

"What is it," she asked.  Before Bone could say a word there was knock at the front door.  The knock grew louder and louder and Bone started to shake.

That's the end of Chapter Four.  I got a hint about what happens next but the rest of the blogosphere will have to wait until Child #1 gets around to writing Chapter Five.  Thanks for reading!! 


Unknown said...

Eek! I'm still shocked that the bunny can talk! A rainbow colored bunny named Bone... I love the creativity!!!

I'm also curious as to what message he planned on delivering and where Isleia will end up next! Such an adventure!

Thank you for sharing!

The Bookworm said...

Now I'm wondering what message Bone had for her!