Friday, July 1, 2011

MoonStars: Chapter Three

It's time for Chapter Three of MoonStars, the serialized summer story being written by Child 1.  In case you missed the previous installments you can find them here 

If you don't want to click through the links I can summarize by reminding you that our heroine Isleia was recently transported to a new planet called MoonStars.  When we left off last time she had just discovered she will be learning magic during her stay at MoonStars.

The woman said to Isleia, "You look confused, are you?" 

"Yes," said Isleia.  "Very confused!"

"Well, Sahirea and Halle are the people you are going to study magic with."

"OOOOH," said Isleia.  Isleia looked from Halle to Sahirea. 

Halle stood up and said, "Hi Isleia.  I'm Halle.  Will you take one of these sheets?  It's a sheet of what you want to study." 

Isleia looked at the sheet.  It had stuff like PigmePuffology on it.  "Take that home," said Sahirea.

Isleia immediately responded, "Where's my home?"

"Stay at my house," said Halle.  "We'll have to talk about it tomorrow." 

Isleia followed Halle home and Halle showed her all around the house.  At last she showed her her room.  "Before you get settled I want to warn you.  Do not go on the fifteenth floor.  It is known to be haunted."

That's the end of today's segment.  It sounds like Halle has a very large house, possibly even an apartment building.  I asked Child #1 to please, please, pretty please write some more so we could find out what was on the fifteenth floor but she reminded me she needs to end it at a place where we are curious to find out what will happen next.  I'm curious, but then of course I'm also her mother!

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Christine Murray said...

My, she could give classes on writing technique 101! Great story, though I too want to know more about the fifteenth floor. Can't wait until the next instalment.