Friday, July 29, 2011

Ten Things I Know at Seven.

Here is what I know about my son so far:

1.  Someday he will be president (president of his senior class, president of GE Corporation or president of The United States, I'm not sure which);

2.  Even though right here and now I know better than to do this, I am certain by the time he's in high school he will convince my husband and I he is responsible enough to be left at home alone.  We will go away and he will throw a ridiculously raging party.

3.  He will dance at said party in true 'white boy' fashion.

4.  Chances are good he will soon stop telling me things like, "Mom, did you know the skin on my penis is even softer than the back of my blankie?"

5.  Chances are not so good he will stop peeing on the tree in the backyard any time soon.

6.  He makes us laugh.

7.  He singlehandedly upped the noise level in our household to earsplitting volumes.

8.  He will grow up and marry this girl.  I will be very thankful because she will make him toe the line and insist he wear something besides plaid pants and a Star Wars t-shirt. 
9.  Despite the fact that she beats up on him, locks him out of her room and argues semantics with him, he worships and loves his sister.  And she loves him back, kinda, on a good day.

10.  And the most important thing I know about Child # 2 is none of us could imagine life without him.  He is our joy and our light.  Today is his seventh birthday!  Happy, Happy Birthday Child #2!!


The Bookworm said...

Happy Birthday to your son! He's sooo cute!

Masia said...

He is such an amazing kid!!! He's growing up so fast and is getting cuter by the minute :)
btw I just can't believe - 7 years! wow!

Hart Johnson said...

Aww, what a great kid! Happy birthday, to him! And I have an older daughter and a younger son. Finally, about the time she started high school, they like each other. Not every day, but they fight much less than they did the first 11 years.

Unknown said...

This was fabulous! How sweet is this post! Happy Birthday to SUPER MAN!

Johanna Garth said...

Thanks we're off to celebrate and eat some cake!