Friday, July 15, 2011

Who Am I? The Harry Potter Version

In honor of the very last movie, sniff, sniff, my kids came up with a Harry Potter version of Who Am I.  Here are their questions.  Some of them are surprisingly tricky.  See if you can guess them all.

1.  I stick my head in the fire and I have a house elf.  Who am I?

2.  I'm very famous and I'm very good at flying on brooms.  Who am I?

3.  I'm very mean and I like to make rules.  Who am I?

4.  I work in the Hogwarts kitchen and whenever someone says "Hi" I cry.  Who am I?

5.  I'm part Veela and I'm a champion.  Who am I?

6.  I blow up like a balloon.  Who am I?

7.  I cry a lot and have a crush on Cedric Diggory.  Who am I?

8.  I put Nifflers in Professor Umbridge's office.  Who am I?

How'd you do?  I missed number 2 (to the delight of Child # 1) but given all the Harry Potter expertise out there, I bet you did better!

1.Sirius Black 2. Viktor Krum 3. Dolores Umbridge 4. Winkie 5. Fleur de la Cour 6. Aunt Marge 7. Cho Chang 8. Lee Jordan


Unknown said...

I couldn't remember Winkie, or who did the nifflers...
but I did pretty well! Saw the movie yesterday!!! Amazing! You know you're old when....waiting in line to see movie with your husband isn't's two hours of uninterrupted time to chat!

The Bookworm said...

Fun HP questions. Winkie always was too cute.