Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great American RoadTrip: Day 1

It’s ten o’clock and we’re off, fueled by Egg McMuffins and Starbucks.  We have a girl’s car and a boy’s car.  Georgie’s husband has a stack of magazines that he’s trying to hide as he gets into the boy’s car.
“Porn?” I ask.
“Motorcycle magazines,” he says, which we both agree is kind of like porn for men over forty.
In the girl’s car we sing, eat Bugles, gossip and most shockingly (since we all admit to being frivolous) is talk about politics in the form of Portland’s new garbage policy.  The consensus, we hate the garbage policy but love Bugles.
Lunch is at Roosters in Pendleton.  We couldn’t have invented a more perfect place if we tried.  It’s big with a playhouse inside for the kids.  Every meal comes with dessert.  The marionberry cobbler is crazy good.
We see amazing things on the road.  There’s a truck full of onions with the onion skins peeling off and blowing in the wind.  And then another truck full of carrots.  At first we think they’re fingers, then French fries.  In the girl’s car everyone is enamored by a forest full of trees planted in straight lines.  It takes us a while, but we decide they’re planted for a paper crop.
We pull in to Ontario and promise the kid’s a late night swim after dinner.  The pool is indoors but opens out onto the patio in the summer.  We drink Select 55 and sample bites of candy bars bought from the local store while the kids splash and run/walk between pool and hot tub.  “They’re going to remember this for the rest of their lives,” I say.  Everyone agrees.    
Miles covered: 400
Fights averted: shockingly only one
Strange items packed:  A box of rocks by Child #2
Rest stops visited: two
Lessons learned:  When the gas light goes on don’t ignore it.  The boys got lucky and managed to coast to a gas station. 


Unknown said...

Road trips are so much fun!! I love how you're sharing jt with us!!! Can't wait to hear more and I hope to see more pictures!

PS - did child #2 explain the box of rocks? I'd be interested!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah Tokeley said...

I tried to resist noting that, of course, it was the boys that ignored the gas light, but I failed :-)

Sarah Hardy said...

We (the Minnesota contingent) ate (or should I say drank) dinner last night at El Sombrero.... "Mexican" food in Dickenson, ND....Their "on tap" beer is 20 ounces....we bailed on the fried ice cream in favor of dilly bars across the street... good moove. I mean move.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is funny!

Johanna Garth said...

Jen, he wanted to show them to Georgie's son.

Anonymous, Thanks!

Sarah, clearly I couldn't resist either.

Birdie, so close....!

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