Monday, August 29, 2011

Great American RoadTrip: Day 2

Toes on Idaho
We’re up and we’re tired.  Rach dropped her cell phone in the toilet and Georgie needs her latte.  The grown-ups may be dragging but the kids are jubilant.  They make plans for play dates in each other’s hotel rooms while we pack everything back into the cars.

States are bigger in the West.  We have wide open expanses of land that make crossing a state line feel like a milestone.  I get a thrill when we pass into Idaho.  There’s a garlic crop growing nearby and for a few minutes the car is filled with the scent.  We pass towns with names like Jerome, Rupert and Burley

Pillow Pet Polka
The kids play in the backseat with their pillow pets.  Child #1 admonishes hers, “Do not take that tone of voice with me.”  Georgie’s daughter tells her pillow pet that she must watch one learning show that’s “good for her brain” before she can watch anything else. 
We arrive in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.  Our hotel is historic which means it doesn't have air conditioning.  The good news is it has wireless.  A large stuffed bison head hangs in the entryway next to an equally large stuffed moose head.  We head out to the deck to celebrate with cold beverages but are quickly shooed back inside due to an expected rainstorm that never occurs.  The boys take their drinks and go soak in the hot springs while the girls race each other outside by the river.  
Lava Hot Springs is the kind of town where you can tell the desk clerk where you are going and she will get the message to your husbands, who have disappeared at the exact moment everyone starts shrieking with hunger pains.  We distract the kids by allowing them to raid the restaurant's vending machines until their pizza arrives.  They amass an enormous quantity of pencil toppers which ends in tears and screaming (in case you don't have children, plastic toys and hungry, sleep deprived children always end in tears and screaming).  We do one more quick soak in the hot spring and then convince the kids that EVERYONE would benefit from more sleep.

The Snake River

Tomorrow is Yellowstone!!!  The vistas are going to get even more beautiful than this one and we can't wait.
Daily Statistics
Miles Covered: 280
Fields of unidentifiable crops: Too many to count
Items lost:  One cheerleading jacket, one DS game cartridge and one lucky rabbit's foot
Lightning strikes seen from afar: Six
Small town girls working in fast food restaurants flustered by our (overwhelming?) presence: four
Number of poolside vomiting incidents: One
Population of Lava Hot Springs: Five Hundred Twenty-One
Slices of pizza left over after dinner: Zero


Sarah Tokeley said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful adventure. I used to love listening to my own words coming back to me when the kids played - not!

Connie J Jasperson said...

I love your blog posts! That is the sort of vacation that they will remember as the best when they become adults!

Abby Fowers said...

How fun! I ride with my feet up like that on road trips too! You are right about the wide open area out here. Lava Hot Springs is so fun though! Keep the latte's coming and enjoy yourself! I'm just one state below you!

Christine Murray said...

Ha! This is what family vacations are all about. The views are amazing, hope you enjoy Yellowstone!

SBJones said...

Snake River canyon! That looks like a shot from the north side of the Perrine Bridge before you go into Twin Falls.