Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I Like Google+

When I first saw the announcements about Google+, I admit it, I groaned.  Here was another thing for my social media to-do list.  Most writers have a work schedule that goes a little something like this:

1. write
2. tweet
3. write blog post
4. tweet, tweet, tweet
5. respond to emails, respond to Facebook messages and groups
6. review other blog posts and tweet or Facebook about those

You get the picture.  Most of what we do isn't exactly writing.  In fact, I can finish the writing piece of my day in about three hours and then spend the next four or five hours catching up on social media (now you see why Google+ gave me the groans).

Except, I've been pleasantly surprised. 

Google+ is rapidly becoming my favorite on-line community.  Here are the reasons I like it.

1.  Circles:  I love being able to highlight as many people as I want and then drag and drop them into a circle.  It's an easy way to separate my close friends, family, people I know from the kid's school, book club, and the much larger public that I know professionally.  The G+ circles address my least favorite thing about Facebook and Twitter.  It gives me a quick way to control who sees what information.

2.  Community:  The G+ community is active and full of real people.  Active, unlike Facebook, where some of my closest friends go for months without checking in.  Full of real people, unlike Twitter, which seems to increasingly resemble my junk email account.  

3.  Balance:  The folks at Google figured out a way to strike the right balance between the see-all, tell-all sometimes overly invasive world of Facebook and the limited sphere of Twitter.  In some ways G+ mirrors a giant cocktail party where you can mingle with people, enter into a conversation but they don't have instant access to the pics of you on the beach in a bikini that your friend (hypothetically) posted on her Facebook wall.

Those are my top three reasons at the moment.  I'm sure you all will have more.  Oh, and one last thing, I have a bunch of invitations to send out so if I've managed to sell you on Google+, let me know and an invite will be headed your way! 


Anonymous said...

I'm having an affair with G+ I love it so much. I mean, I won't marry it, because it's cheating on me with so many other people, but it's good for dinner (G+ cooking school!) and a movie (those little moving gifs running rampant on the site).

I wrote a post about my budding affair a couple weeks ago too:

Johanna Garth said...

absolutely, Rebecca! My only beef, so far, is everytime I see G+ I have a split second where I think it's some new movie rating. Uh-oh, does G+ mean it's okay for kids?? What does that mean...oh yeah, it's just Google.

Rebecca said...

You connected to me and I added you in my writing circle. Google + is so much better than facebook. I like the circles for promoting authors.

The Bookworm said...

I'm such a slow poke when it comes to joining new social took me forever and a day to get on facebook. And i still don't use Google reader, I visit my fav blogs the old fashioned way :P

Jenny Sulpizio said...

I'm liking Google + too and think it's great for networking, meeting other authors, and the likes!

Great to *meet* you and I look forward to following your blog.

Jenny Lee Sulpizio
Author of "Mommy Whispers"

Creepy Query Girl said...

I haven't gotten the hang of google+ yet but it sounds like its quickly building in popularity. I can see why!

Johanna Garth said...

Rebecca, yes. You don't feel like you are spamming your closest friends with information you already told them over coffee :)

Naida, with all the book reviewing and reading you do I can see why you might not have time for a new social media site!

Jenny, thanks so much for following, looking forward to checking out your blog too.

Katie, it took me a couple of hours for the initial start up. I'm sure there's lots I haven't figured out yet.