Friday, October 14, 2011

Fan Mail

Today's post was inspired by writer, Dianne Salerni.  You can read her post here,, after you read mine of course! ;)

I got a nice note in the mail yesterday.  It didn't come in the usual way, you know, in an envelope with a stamp.  Instead it was just a little note, slipped into my mailbox.  Here's what it said,

"Dear Johanna Garth,

I am so sorry that I didn't have a envelope.  I read your book and I am an interested and excited fan.  It's so amazing I wish I could call you mom.  In fact, I'm lost.  Can you take care of me?  Your newest daughter and biggest fan.


Nice note, right!  I wonder who this mysterious Zoey person could be?  All I know is Child #1 was very vested in making sure I respond to poor, lost Zoey as soon as possible.

Hope your weekend is filled with mysterious surprises.  Speaking of surprises, make sure to stop by on Monday.  I've got a big announcement to make that has me spinning in excited circles (and Mom, if you're reading this, no I'm not pregnant!)


Tamara Narayan said...

That is a nice surprise!

I'd be happy if my weekend is devoid of not-so-nice surprises. This fall my daughter has endured a close encounter with a metal pole (bloody nose), my other daughter's had two ear infections, and I got to hang out in the ER for a long Sunday morning with a kidney stone. I take a nice, uneventful weekend, please!

Sarah Tokeley said...

Oh, oh. Tell me, tell me!

SBJones said...

Thats cool. As long as you don't find Zoey creeping under the window-seal. I have yet to get fan mail, but i'm sure it will happen at some point.

Jo Schaffer said...

I could really use some mystery in my life right about now. (=

Tracy Jo said...

I love fun surprises like that! Very cool. Just found you through the blogfest. Looking forward to your announcement. Happy weekend!

Johanna Garth said...

Tamara-here's hoping for a nice calm weekend for you.

Sarah-I'm so excited about it, I can't wait until Monday (but I will anyway) :)

SB, I'm sure you will too!

Jo, a little mystery, a little all keeps things interesting.

Tracy Jo, thanks for stopping by!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Hi, Johanna! Glad I stopped by (late, late on a Saturday night) and glad you were inspired to post this! It's one thing to impress a total stranger with your work; it's another thing entirely to impress a family member.

The second is much, much harder. Your daughter is obviously a real sweetie!

The Bookworm said...

Interesting fan mail! I wonder who Zoey is.
And I wonder about your surprise. I definitely would have though u were