Monday, October 10, 2011

When Are You Ripe?

"Mom, when do you think I'm most ripe?" Child #1 asked me last weekend. 

"I guess that depends on what you mean by ripe."

"You know, like if I were a berry, when would you want to pick me and eat me.  What's my best season?" 

We determined her best season is summer, when she can swim to her heart's content.  And then, working backwards we decided she's almost ripe in the fall, in flower in the winter but spring is Child # 1's winter.  In spring, she turns into a cold, frozen, leafless branch waiting for school to get out and the sun--the precious Oregon summer sun!

Then, because it was fun, we spent half an hour figuring out when everyone else is in season.

"You're ripest right now," she told me.  "Because Losing Beauty is being published.  And Child #2 is in season every time he has a play date."  Grandma, it turns out, is ripe when she's making her world-famous, award-winning pie and Daddy is ripest during autumn when he can watch the Giants play football, scheme about the best trick-or-treat candy maximizing strategy and eat pumpkin pie.

Okay, so I admit it, it was on the tip of my tongue to add that Daddy is also pretty ripe after he comes back from playing basketball, but somehow I resisted.  The word may be funny, but it doesn't prevent me from being enchanted with the, blogosphere, now that the days are getting shorter and the nights colder, tell me, when are you in season? 


The Bookworm said...

Fun post Johanna! I think I'm ripe mostly during the Fall months when the foliage is changing, the weather is mild and we spend time outdoors enjoying it all. Going for walks, appple picking, taking the kids to the park...etc.
Enjoy your day :)

Tami said...

What a fun idea. I'm definitely coming into my own right now. I love fall and winter - love the upcoming holidays and everything attached.

Also think I'm ripening in my age as well. 50 sounded dreadful, but it's full of wonderful advantages.

Johanna Garth said...

Thanks Naida, I love this time of year too.

Tami, as someone who just recently turned 40 it's good to know it just gets better!

Beylit said...

I am ripe during a faire season. I have one Ren faire in the spring and one in the fall that just started. When I am not working faire I retreat and rest while waiting for the next faire to begin.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! My husband is rather ripe when he comes home from the gym. I hated fall as a teen - a lot of bad things happened then - but I enjoy it now.

Sarah Tokeley said...

September. September is my perfect month. I guess that means I'm a bit overblown right now. Meh ...

Toni said...