Monday, January 9, 2012

Immediate Gratification

I had some interesting conversations this weekend about living like a kid. People wanted clarification. They wanted to know how far I would take my living like a kid philosophy?

Here are the top five things that it does not mean.

1. It does not mean I will need someone to remind me to put on underwear.

2.  Or brush my teeth, hair, eat my vegetables and flush the toilet.

3. It also does not mean I plan to start walking around with my hand stuffed down the back of my shorts.

Whose kid is that anyway!?! Please don't get me started on the socks!

4. Nor does it mean I will give up driving. Seriously people, I've got to get from point A to B.

5. Lastly, from a conversational standpoint, it doesn't mean I plan to start tacking on 'no offense' to every offensive statement I make. One of the things that living like an adult has taught me is if you have to say 'no offense' you're probably better off without saying it. 

Now for the initial results. I'm really excited about this because they are all about immediate gratification and what kid doesn't like that?

It's simple. If you want more energy cut back on your sugar.

And when I say cut back I don't mean eliminate. I just mean follow the same rules I impose on my kids. Modest amounts of sugar are fine, as in one small cookie or piece of chocolate after dinner.

My own personal sugar reduction started on Monday of last week. I wrote about how hard it was. The box of cookies in the freezer, the box of chocolate on the buffet. By the end of the week I'd had enough of the sugar seranade and dumped an entire box of chocolate-covered toffee into the compost bin. That was the hard part.

What I didn't write about is the good stuff. On Wednesday morning I woke up with a ridiculous jolt of energy that shows no signs of ebbing. In fact, I'm still searching for alternate explanations. Could it be the full moon, the fact that the kid are back in school, the passing of winter solstice? It's hard to believe all this extra energy is really tied to cutting back on sugar. 

Friday after school, a time in the week when I'm usually dragging, I was wide awake and up for anything. We came home, made snacks and then my daughter asked if we could listen to Pink Martini on the stereo.

"Sure," I said. "And we could even make up a dance to it too."

And we did. We made up a dance routine that will NOT be available for screening at any time in the future but that's beside the point. The point is that on a Friday at 4:00 I had the energy of nine year old! And if that's not immediate gratification, I'm not sure what is. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And no one has energy like a nine year old! Good for you on the sugar moderation. It's more of a downer anyway.

Tamara Narayan said...

I didn't know sugar could take away your energy, though I should have realized since my sister claims she is hypo-glycemic and falls asleep if she eats sweets.

I have a terrible sweet tooth. These days, chocolate gives me terrible stomach aches (the high fat) so I chug down boxes of Nerds. Oh yuck! What am I doing?

Maybe I'm living like a kid too, but in a bad way.

Since I just had my second kidney stone in four months, salt is my number one nemesis and the thing I crave the most. Of course.

Julie said...

Um, major props to you for cutting back on sugar!! Woot, woot! I heart chocolate. I admire your gumption!
Way to start out 2012 with a seriously good start.. now if only I could take after that...

P.s. New follower alert! ( :

Copyboy said...

I hear ya. Sugar reducing is hard for me as well. Oh and calories, fat, cholesterol...

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Another big source of sugar is soft drinks, which is why I rarely drink them anymore.

T. L. Cooper said...

Okay, I could never throw good chocolate in the compost bin. I'm not even a huge food fan, but that's for a different post. That said, in my house, chocolate is usually the expensive kind and is eaten as a luxury for the most part - in very small doses.
As for the increase in energy after cutting back on sugar, I experience the same thing. Removing processed foods in general from my diet makes me so much more energetic and happier which in turn makes me more pleasant to be around!
Awesome what you're doing. I think we should all embrace the joy of the moment, and in many ways that's what you're doing!
I love it!!!

The Bookworm said...

lol about those socks :P
Thats great that giving up the sugar has left you with more energy. It so true, the better we eat, the better we feel.

Johanna Garth said...

Absolutely right Alex!

Tamara I knew but didn't realize the extent it zaps you.

Thanks Julie, I'll stop by and check out your blog!

Copyboy, I'm conveniently ignoring the fatty salty things. ;)

Me neither Diane!

I know TL! But it was either that or break down. Thanks so much for your nice comment. It is good to embrace the joy!

Naida, I was waiting for someone to comment on that photo. LOL. It's one of my favs from last summer!

speakers4u said...

Good job on cutting the sugar! You're diet can change you in many ways :)

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Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Okay, that's great! I may have to try it myself, I mean who couldn't use more energy?
PS. The 'it does not mean' comments made me laugh out loud. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Cutting down on sugar is hard. Good for you! More energy is definitely a huge plus though!

Christine Murray said...

I've given up sugar completely (I'm an addict, I need to go cold-turkey and then introduce it back in slowly) and I feel so much better. I knew it had an effect, but I didn't appreciate how sluggish it makes you feel.

LAH said...

I’m glad it’s going well! I’ve been mostly super healthy since the first, but the other night I indulged in the office candy jar and I could definitely feel the crash just before I went to the gym. Not worth it! Must remind myself: Only eat candy right before bed. Wait, that doesn’t sound right either…

Matthew MacNish said...

That's awesome! Sounds like so much fun.

Johanna Garth said...

Thanks Speakers4u!

Rachel, I'm so glad they made you laugh 'cause seriously this project could go in a whole different direction ;)

Nicole, yes that's it exactly!

Christine, it's really hard the first few days and then it gets easier.

Lauren, candy before bed LOL!

Thanks Matt!!

Hart Johnson said...

You made me cry with the dumped toffee. It's my FAVORITE. And I think you SHOULD commit to walking around with your hands in your pants.

Seriously though, glad the cutting back sugar thing is helping!

Hope Roberson said...

So glad to have found your blog through Jenny's :) Love that picture, hilarious!! I am a sucker for something sweet after dinner, maybe I need to only allow myself fruit as my treat, hmmm, I will try :) Great post!

David P. King said...

I'm trying the cutting back on sugar thing now. It's murder. But it's supposed to be good for you in the long run, so I'm sticking it out. :)

Loved your post!

Weaver said...

Wow, that's awesome to have much energy. As a grandmother, I exercise to have energy. And I need all I can get!

Johanna Garth said...

Hart, I cried a little too!

Hi Hope and welcome! I let myself have something small after dinner but cut down on the constant snacking all day long.

Thanks David and good luck!!

Donna, it's great and exercise is another way to get a little boost.