Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Rick Hardy!

There I was, trying to think about ways to do a better job loving my loved ones (being more Lovey and less Bitey penguin) when I remembered my dear friend Birdie asked me to send a fortieth birthday card to her husband and I forgot.

Here's the birthday boy! That's not his kid or his cow.
Let me tell you a little bit about Birdie. She's the kind of person who regularly inspires me.

In any moral quandry all I have to do is channel Birdie, what would Birdie do or WWBD and invariably, her wisdom leads me to the right decision. She's the kind of person who effortlessly makes me think about the eventual resting place of the little plastic baggies I used to use in Child 1 and 2's lunch boxes and many other important things like volunteerism, community, kindness and respect.

And lest I'm starting to make her sound like a drag, I should add she does all of this without ever prostelytizing or making me feel guilty. She leads by example and I'm happy to follow because my friendship with Birdie fills my soul and makes me a better person.

So here's a little hypothetical for you, if I asked Birdie to send my husband a birthday card for his fortieth birthday what do you think she would do or WWBD? One thing is certain. She would not say to herself, "Yes, that's a great idea," and then forget about it completely until the day after said birthday had passed.

There are a few women in my life who I refer to as my sister wives. Birdie, as I'm sure you've guessed, is a founding member of this group. And I use the word group, lightly. We don't live on a compound and only wear our hair in braids on occasion, and ironically.
I should probably add we hardly ever wear matching clothes.

But we have made dinners for each other, held each other's hands during the toddler years, had our children throw up in each other's cars  and shared way more about the intimate details of our respective marriages than any of the brother husbands would like.

And there you have it.

For better or worse, our husbands (or brother husbands as we refer to them) have been dragged into the whole Big Love analogy.
Brother husbands playing blindfolded water gun war against their offspring.

The brother husband in question today, husband to Birdie, father of two, builder of cool backyard treehouses, assistant soccer coach, maker of the world's best gin and tonic, and hopefully good sport about being featured on a blog, has just turned forty!

Although I oopsed on the fortieth birthday card maybe this blog post will make up for it! After all, according to the sister wives, I'm on an authorial path to worldwide domination of the print industry. Surely a few of my readers will be more than happy to send a little love in the direction of my favorite Minnesota brother husband! And for added insurance, I'll spend a chunk of my day tweeting, G+ing and blogging the message to make sure it gets out!

Happy 40th Birthday Rick Hardy!!


Tonja said...

She sounds like a great friend!

Scarlett said...

Happy 40th Birthday, Rick Hardy!! I think she means it. *wink*

Johanna, I think your blog title is suitably named. It's what this time in your life is supposed to look like ~ *Losing Sanity*! We all forget BIG things sometimes, even your dear friend, Birdie.

WWBD? I think she would possibly say, "No sweat. I know you're good for it!"

Everyone should be so lucky, having a friend like Birdie.

Everyone should feel so blessed, having a friend like you.

Dean Lappi said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is wonderful. Kind regards

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think that was even better than a card!

Kathleen Barker said...

This is way beyond better than a Hallmark card, Johanna!!! Loved it...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICK HARDY. You are all so lucky to have each other to travel together on life's road.

T. L. Cooper said...

Love this tribute to friendship! Friends like this are the family we choose, or at least that's how I define them in my life. I'm eternally grateful for my friends who have becomes family as it sounds like you are as well!

Hope Rick had an awesome birthday!!

Rick Hardy said...

Birdie's husband here. Thanks Johanna for the birthday wishes (and, yes, we had fun), but more improtantly thanks for the wonderful tribute to the Birdie that we both love so well!

Johanna Garth said...

Tonja, she is!!

Scarlett, your sweet comment almost made me cry.

Dean, thanks so much for stopping by and wishing Rick a happy bday.

Alex...well I had to do something to make up for my forgetfulness

Thanks Kathleen!!

TL, absolutely right. They are my chosen family.

Rick!!! Happy Birthday! Love and hugs to you, Birdie and the girls!

Botanist said...

Hi Johanna, I just stopped by at random from Creepy Query Girl's blog, and I'm glad I did.

Happy birthday to Rick.

Builder of cool backyard treehouses? I'd love to see some pics. I've dabbled in the art myself from time to time :)

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Happy Birthday to Rick.
What a fun group of sister wives and brothers!

Johanna Garth said...

Botanist, thanks so much for stopping by and I'll try to dig out some of those treehouse pics to post at a later date.

Hi Stacy, they are a riot!

Jo Schaffer said...

Awesome to have such a tight inner circle. It's a gift. I totally consider my closest pals as sisters and brothers.

unikorna said...

Happy Birthday to your friend and congrats to you for your colorful blog :). Kisses.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Your kids have thrown up in each other's cars? Now that is love.